September 16, 2016

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) is to holistically develop student-athletes as independent and self-reliant learners on their path to graduation, empower all student-athletes to reach their academic and personal potential,  and prepare them to become productive members of a global society.

Core Values





We promote integrity with our words, actions and intentions and possess an uncompromising will to always do the right thing.

We enhance leadership amongst our staff and students through encouragement, opportunities, and dedication to excellence in everything that we do.

We focus on the conscious pursuit of personal and collective growth through the expansion of knowledge, experiences, awareness, and empowerment.

We are committed to building and maintaining a strong, collaborative and diverse community that is united through common visions and values.

SASS Services

The Anderson Academic Center supports CSU’s mission to recruit, educate, develop, and graduate Rams student-athletes within an environment that pursues excellence, values integrity and ethical conduct, promotes respect for all individuals, teaches sportsmanship, entertains our constituents and emphasizes championship performance.


  • Academic center features private tutorial rooms and large study areas
  • Includes a computer lab with 30 workstations, more work space and offices for CSU’s academic staff.

Academic Coordinators provide a broad range of services CSU’s student-athletes:

  • Academic Coordinator Canvas Observer Access (click for more info)
  • Coordinate and monitor the academic performance and needs of assigned teams
  • Monitor eligibility and student-athlete progress towards degree requirements while implementing a degree plan to graduation
  • Lead IU-193 Freshman Student-Athlete Seminar course and other new student-athlete orientation and Summer bridge programs
  • Meet and communicate with Coaches and Sport Administrators regularly
  • Meet with prospective student-athletes and families on recruiting visits

The Learning Specialist serves as a resource for student-athletes who have individual learning challenges and provides oversight for all learning resources and tutoring. Student-athletes may be on the Learning Specialist caseload for 1-on-1 sessions due to a diagnosed or suspected learning disorder, cognitive challenges (such as memory or information processing), or academic under-preparedness. Office Hours are also offered for any student-athletes who have occasional concerns with particular learning strategies, are seeking assistance with potential ADHD symptoms, or need additional time beyond their schedules sessions due to their workload in a given week. In addition to hiring and training the part time Learning Resources Staff using basic aspect of education and psychology, the Learning Specialist provides direction throughout the semester including initial goal setting, mid semester checkpoints, and end of semester progress assessment.

Student-Athlete Support Services provides individualized support for student-athletes through a variety of learning resources, as appropriate to their current academic performance. In addition to subject-specific tutoring sessions available to all student-athletes, EXLU is designed to support student-athletes who have individual learning challenges as they develop academic skills and progress towards academic independence. The Learning Specialist partners with the entire Student-Athlete Support Services staff, the Senior Coordinator for Mental Health Service for Student-Athletes, and CSU’s Student Disability Center office to identify specific needs of student-athletes and build a academic success plan for each one. In addition to developing and applying fundamental academic skills en route to academic Independence, EXLU student-athletes set semester goals, evaluate personal effort, and help adjust their Individualize Learning Plans each semester to address such areas of academic skills and responsibility, self -advocacy and self-assessment.

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Student-Athlete Support Services offers academic support through course specific tutoring to provide greater understanding and retention of course content amount the student-athletes. Tutoring sessions are essential to an efficient support system, proving an opportunity for enhanced academic achievement by our student-athletes. The tutoring staff communicates a rich knowledge of their designated core subject(s) during weekly sessions by using effective teaching methods for a variety of learning styles, all while practicing the highest level of academic integrity. Sessions can be scheduled on a weekly basis or as requested for review leading up to exams. The ultimate goal of SASS tutoring is to provide quality structured review of course material in a variety of subject areas meeting the needs of all student-athletes. Through consistent weekly meetings, student-athletes can improve content knowledge, study skills and confidence in the subject matter leading great performance in the course.

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Student-Athlete Support Services is committed to inspiring, and advancing student-athletes outside of their sport.

4 Year Career Plan

Our 4 Year Career Plans targets specific skills and experiences that match where you are in school and where you are in your professional development process. The first year of the program, is about exploring the different opportunities each major has, including career fields, companies, and postgraduate education. The focus of the second year is to encourage and understand the importance of declaring a major and making a commitment to  their education. The third year emphasizes on developing and demonstrating professional skills including networking, writing a resume/cover letter, how to dress in business attire and dinner etiquette. And finally, the fourth year begins process of transitioning out from being a student-athlete to an employee, a graduate student, or a professional athlete.

Green and Global

Green and Global is a CSU staff-led service learning program sponsored by the Colorado State University Athletics Department. Student-athletes meet with local community leaders, serve 15+ hours on need based service projects, and explore the country and culture through field trips, presentations, and community events. The program focuses on cultural immersion, social action, and community based learning.

Lt. Col. John W. Mosley Student-Athlete Leadership Program

This program is named after Lt. Col. John W. Mosley, who is Colorado State’s first Black football student-athlete in the record-keeping era. He earned his degree from Colorado State in 1943, and is a proud member of the original Tuskegee Airmen, flying combat missions over Europe in World War II. This program is designed to assist identified African American student-athletes by serving as a resource while strengthening time management skills, encouraging academic success, enhancing leadership opportunities, and creating a sense of belonging and connection to the campus and its surrounding community. Ultimately, the overall objective of the program is to reduce the percentage of academic probation rates, to increase retention rates to matriculation, expose them to positive African American role models who have been through the rigors of academic achievement as a student-athlete and who have earned their degree. We teach leadership skills and start them on a positive path toward life after college.

Student-Athletes interested in joining or learning more about the program should contact Marie Tyrrell

Professionals interested in serving as a Mentor should contact Bridgette Johnson

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Colorado State Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) represents its teams in a bi-weekly forum to discuss ideas and issues pertinent to the success of the CSU athletics program. This forum provides representatives the opportunity to offer input regarding Life Skills programs, athletic department policies, conference regulations and NCAA regulations that impact student-athletes. SAAC is composed of two appointed representatives from each athletic team and functions to build a better sense of community between administration, coaches and student-athletes.

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Rambition was designed to Helps Foster the overall personal, professional and leadership development of Colorado State University female student-athletes.

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