The Colorado State Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) represents its teams in a bi-weekly forum to discuss ideas and issues pertinent to the success of the CSU athletics program. This forum provides representatives the opportunity to offer input regarding Life Skills programs, athletic department policies, conference regulations and NCAA regulations that impact student-athletes. SAAC is composed of two appointed representatives from each athletic team and functions to build a better sense of community between administration, coaches and student-athletes.


Mission Statement:

The mission of Colorado State University SAAC is to unite student-athletes, athletic administration and the community of Colorado State University by promoting student-athlete welfare issues and actively participating in departmental educational programs and special events.


  1. To represent the diverse interests, opinions and concerns of student-athletes to the Colorado State University administration.
  2. To promote a sense of community among all Colorado State University students.
  3. To solicit student-athlete responses to proposed Mountain West Conference and NCAA legislation.
  4. To foster a commitment to service.
  5. To create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees such as student government.
  6. To uphold positive athletic, academic and social experiences for all student-athletes.

Membership/Terms of Appointment:

  • Any student-athlete (scholarship or non-scholarship) is eligible for appointment.
  • Academic eligibility must be maintained throughout the appointment. Upon becoming academically ineligible, the member will be replaced.
  • To provide continuity, membership will be for the duration of a student-athlete's athletic career, unless the student-athlete is no longer a member of his/her respective team or withdraws his/her appointment.
  • Each team should strive to have at least one upperclassman and one underclassman, as well as strive to provide cultural diversity, in the membership.
  • There must be at least two voting members from each varsity team sport.
  • Each member will serve as a liaison between the committee and his/her individual team.
  • If a member of the team graduates, the remaining SAAC member will solicit the team for interested underclassmen.


2017-2018 SAAC Executive Team

Name (Sport) Position

Taylor Hodgson (WSO)


Austin Blaho (MTK)

Vice President

Lauren Buchannon (WSB)

Director of Media Relations

Hayleigh Evans (WSB)

Director of Operations

Gianna Marconi (WSO)

Community Outreach

Dani Hippe (WSW)


Kerry Wright

Kirby Boehm