Learning Resources provides opportunities for student-athletes to develop effective study skills in a positive, structured learning environment.  Through the assistance of a full time, professional learning specialist and learning coordinators, student-athletes receive the individual attention to develop the study skills necessary to excel at Colorado State. The staff will diagnose the specific learning needs of each participant and help the students develop individual learning plans to address these needs.  In addition, participants will attend a series of seminars about successful study habits and receive positive, daily reinforcement from the staff.  The Athletic Learning Assistance Program is primarily designed to help student-athletes make a successful academic transition to Colorado State University.  However, it may also be beneficial to current student-athletes who need a more structured learning environment.

Participants in LR will be required to attend a specific number of hours, each week, in a structured learning environment.  The number of hours and the specific schedule will be determined in a meeting between the Learning Specialist and the student-athlete.  Most of the structured learning time will occur between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  However, there may be special circumstances that require some of the structured hours to occur during the evenings.


Graduation Risk Overview

Prior to the beginning of fall semester 2009 the Athletic Academic Student Services staff completed the Graduation Risk Overview (GRO) of all returning Colorado State student-athletes. The GRO was used to determine the best usage of our academic resources in meeting the needs of our student-athletes.  In addition, the Learning Specialist also completed a GRO review for all of the new freshmen and transfer student-athletes to determine which new student-athletes would participate in the Learning Assistance Program.  The Academic Student Services staff will utilize the GRO review, prior to each academic semester, to determine the best allocation of our academic resources.