How do I request a tutor for a class?

Login to Gradesfirst. The Gradesfirst link can be found on the home page in the "LINK" box on the left hand side. If you forgot your password or login, see your academic coordinator to reset your login/password information. Once you login make sure the tab under your name displays "Class Info." On the right side of each class you will see a link that states "Request Tutor Appt." Click on the link and fill in the information requested. A notification will be sent to Joy Benefiel and Erin Hammersley that you requested a tutor. Within 2 weeks a tutor should be assigned to you. Please note that for higher division math and science courses it may take longer to fill your tutor request, so the earlier you request the tutor the better. If you have not been assigned a tutor within 2 weeks please check with Erin or Joy.

What happens if I need to reschedule my tutoring appointment due to games/traveling?

Each student-athlete is responsible for communicating with their tutors regarding absences for travel/games. Do not assume that your tutor will know your travel/game schedule. It is your responsibility to inform them you will not be attending a tutoring session. If the student-athlete desires to make-up their tutoring appointment for the one missed due to games/travel, the student-athlete will need do coordinate with their tutor for a makeup time the coincides with their schedules. Note that it is NOT MANDATORY for a student-athlete to conduct a make-up tutoring session for those missed due to travel/games.

What happens if I miss a tutoring appointment on accident?

Tutors are instructed to electronically inform all academic coordinators through Gradesfirst if a student-athlete misses a scheduled appointment. An email will be sent to all academic coordinators informing them of your absence. If a student-athlete misses a tutoring appointment they are to contact their academic coordinator immediately. The academic coordinator will then take the necessary steps based on policies of the academic center and the individual team. If a student-athlete has missed a significant amount of tutoring appointments without legitimate reasons, that student-athlete's privilege of using tutors will be suspended.

Study Hall hours, who has them?

Each coach has their own preference of how study hall hours are determined. Some coaches decide by cumulative GPA, others by semester GPA. Most teams require that incoming freshman have 8 mandatory hours of study hall each week. Each student-athlete should talk with their coach to find out what the requirements are for study hall hours.

What if I want to attend a study session at TILT or a study session run by my professor? Can I still receive study hall hours?

Academic Coordinators understand there are many opportunities for students across campus to receive extra tutoring. Student-Athletes can receive credit hours towards study hall by filling out and completing a supplemental tutoring form. The student-athlete will need to speak with their academic coordinator to ensure the tutoring session will count towards their study hall hours and get instruction on how to complete the form. The form will need to be returned to the student-athlete's academic coordinator once complete to receive credit hours for study hall. The supplemental tutoring form will be given to you by your academic coordinator.